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Re: All formats

On Fri, 2005-04-22 at 11:53 -0700, Karsten Wade wrote:
> On Fri, 2005-04-22 at 08:22 -0400, Paul W. Frields wrote:
> > In any case, I've worked on these training videos before at my job, and
> > they are higher in complexity by *several* orders of magnitude over
> > what's required for written documentation.  Script-writing, lighting,
> > directing, camera work, sound recording, editing, mixing, scoring...
> > this is why media houses exist!  :-)
> I agree about not getting sidetracked, but I want to recognize the
> growing value in what are being called 'screencasts.'  These are short,
> usually Flash movies that show someone using a piece of software to
> accomplish tasks.  It can include a narration.  Something like this can
> be produced using basic desktop tools.  However, I doubt there is a
> fully free toolchain, and if there is, the output format isn't an open
> one.  Still, something to keep our eye on.  

Thanks for pointing this out.  I knew there was a middle ground I was
probably forgetting.  They are an excellent way to learn, especially if
accompanied by a soundtrack.  The tools for this work are very usable; I
did it myself once on a lark.

> If making useful screencasts was someone's entire preference and they
> wouldn't participate otherwise, I'd say we should embrace them and see
> what can be done.  We can still have open source documentation that
> compiles into a non-free format and possibly still be within the spirit
> of the project

Clearly, we should never turn anyone away who wants to help.[1]  Compare
your last statement to providing PDFs -- same idea applies with
screencasts and, say, QuickTime format, which I think is what you are

= = = = =
[1] As an aside to everyone who's hung around this list for a while, and
in the hopes of attracting interested lurkers:
    Please keep in mind that this should be a somewhat kinder, gentler
forum than, say, a list for hardcore kernel hackers.  We may receive
tentative visits from people who are not Linux gurus or software
developers, but people who just want to help out and don't feel they
have as much to offer in the technical projects.  Make a special effort
to respond in a warm and welcoming manner.  If you can't muster the
patience, let someone else do it for you.  If you don't have time to
respond fully and politely on a list for writers and editors, you don't
have time to respond!  :-)
    Remember that requirements can be negotiated to a point between a
writer and an editor, so don't be too quick to axe ideas.  Sometimes
it's tough not to be dogmatic -- speaking for myself -- but the expense
of someone's willingness to help is too high a price IMHO.
    Just a little food for thought, now let's get back to slagging
people who can't put apostrophes in the right place!  Whoops.

Paul W. Frields, RHCE                          http://paul.frields.org/
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