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Re: Random "Topics" Question

On Sat, 2005-04-23 at 19:49 -0400, Paul W. Frields wrote:
> And maybe this brings up an interesting question -- we may need a
> tracker bug for editorial.  Then we'll have:
>   * Tracker for ideas without writers/owners
>   * Tracker for documents without editors assigned
>   * Tracker for documents in progress

I'd actually rather keep documents out of Bugzilla until there is a
proposal, a writer, an assigned editor and possibly even a draft, as
this is looking really cluttered already:


Off the top of my head:

- Random ideas are floated on list, and filed in a standard format in
the Wiki for reference unless somebody commits to writing the document.
They don't go any further without owners.

- If somebody commits to writing a document they get an editor, to help
them if required, and it's listed on the Wiki as started.

- When a draft has been posted that the editor and the list approve the
doc gets a bug, and is listed as in progress on tracker bug 129807.
Perhaps the CVS module gets created at this point.

- If no draft appears after a period of time the editor can declare the
project dead and it's demoted back to the random ideas page on the Wiki.

i.e. a doc isn't "real" for Bugzilla until there is an actual draft, so
that we don't end up with increasing amounts of dead stuff on tracker

This sort of implies more editors, but the editor/mentor/case
officer/yes-or-no-person wouldn't need CVS to take document to the
initial draft.

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