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Help with migration to bigger hard drive


Help me with exchanging the harddrive of a running server with a bigger one!
It is practically impossible to repeat all tricks and installations again, there fore I want to clone the disk.
I have FC3 on 30 Gb disk and a new 200 Gb IDE disk. What did I do:

I unpluged the original 30Gb disk, pluged the 200 Gb instead and installed the same FC3 - minimal installation on it using anaconda defaults.
Then  I put  30Gb as master and 200 as slave. Checked with fsdisk -l and saw the same partitions: 1-13 hda1 - bootable and 14-end hda2 - rest for the 30gb
and 1-13 hdb1 bootable and 14-end the second one for the 200gb
I mounted -t ext3  hdb2 one to /mnt/linux_backup/ and hdb1 to /mnt/linux_backup/boot
I copied with rsync everything except /mnt and /proc to /mnt/linux! _backup

Than I umplugged and exchanged slave master - it booted again the small disk although under the name /dev/hdb !
I unlugged the small one and than it didn't boot at all - only GRUB on the black screen.
I plugged back messed up with glub alittle bit and plug the new disk alone again.
This time Fedora starts but it stopps at the very beginning and writes things like:
cannot find Logical volumes
Kernel panic

It has something to do with the Vol00 system that is installed but I do not know what to do!
Please, can somebody help me because this server is important for us - we are biologists.

Thank you,

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