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Re: Self-Introduction: Debra Deutsch

On Sun, 2006-01-22 at 11:35 +0000, Stuart Ellis wrote:
> On Sat, 2006-01-21 at 21:14 -0500, Debra Deutsch wrote:
> > What do I want to write about?  My primary interest is to write about
> > topics that will help people who are comfortable with computer software
> > and hardware but are not expert in Linux.  That is how I see myself.
> > These readers understand operating system principals, the functions of
> > the hardware components in a computer system, and how the hardware and
> > software work together.  They may be willing to take on complex tasks
> > that are not appropriate to a non-technical user.  On the other hand,
> > they may not have all the Linux-specific knowledge that some discussions
> > of advanced topics assume.
> Welcome to the project.
> This describes what I would like to do with the Administration Guide -
> provide a document that gives readers with some understanding of
> computers the confidence to manage Linux systems, by clearly explaining
> how the system works:
> http://www.fedoraproject.org/wiki/Docs/Drafts/AdministrationGuide
> You may also be interested in the Getting Started Guide, which is a more
> basic introduction for new users that Bob Jensen and Martin Brej are now
> developing:
> http://www.fedoraproject.org/wiki/Docs/Drafts/GettingStartedGuide

Too fast on the Send button...

If you are interested in contributing to one of these (or starting your
own document), the next step is to create a Wiki account:



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