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wiki fusion?

I have seen some great online resources for fedora users like
fedorasolved.org and today I found fedoramobile.org. although I use
fedora for a long time I found these sites to be much under
"advertised" from official fedora people, I haven't seen anybody
reference it, only the Fedora Wiki. I talked to some contributors to
those pages and they think that Fedora Wiki is too hard to navigate
and find interesting things on. That is why those community pages have

I as a fedora user would love to see one resource with all those tips
& tricks that we need sometime.

Has anybody from fedora documentation project started talking with the
community how to make "wiki fusion", just like there is one "rpm
fusion" going on right now for community packages?

Is there some reason why fedora wiki is so hard to navigate and find things?

Also I believe and have seen this from using wiki that combining
"official" ie. "fedora developers" parts and "fedora users" part on
one wiki is bad for users, because when I search I usually find things
I as a user am not interested in...

Maybe two wiki pages would solve this?

Any comments?


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