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3rd Draft Ready for Review: Ch. 1: Yum

The 3rd draft of the Yum chapter is ready for review. Formerly, I had wanted this draft to be the final one, but I ended up making so many changes across the board based on copious feedback from Seth Vidal, James Antill, Rahul Kavalapara and others that I'm releasing this one as the 3rd draft, to be followed shortly thereafter by the FINAL

I won't list all the changes, but the major ones are:

* TOC changed; new structure
* Yum plugin section much expanded; new additions: yum-security, yum-plugin-protect-packages
* Yum variables documented
* yum list family-of-commands section rewritten
* many improvements in many other places

Thanks Seth, James and Rahul for all the notes and feedback!

Reviews of this chapter are still very much welcome, though I am no longer adding content, but mostly correcting the current text.

For details on how to get involved in the Fedora 12 Deployment Guide update, see the project page (and join the mailing list) at:

Douglas Silas
Technical Writer | Red Hat, Inc.

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