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some agenda items for 13 June meeting

I am going to be at JBoss World next week, but I have this time open;
I'll meet from the Red Hat booth. :)

Two things, one that came up after the meeting, one that we need to get

1. CVS policy.  Discussion on-list (fedora-dsco-list) this week in
preparation.  Anyone impassioned to kick that discussion off on-list
from our sidebar discussion?

2. Expanding Beats.

We discussed this a few weeks ago as an approach to resolving multiple
goals: manage volunteer availability; useful structure for contributors;
creating meaningful, collaborative work; provide failover/backup for
content; build on our successes.

The idea is to break down all of the Fedora Documentation Project by the
same or similar beats as at Docs/Beats.  That Wiki namespace remains for
filling in content to mainly go to the release notes (or we could move
the release-notes work.)  However, writers are on one or more Beat
teams, and use that to find and produce content relevant to that beat.
Beat content is modular by nature, and can be snapped together to form
books.  Target would be an <article> or <chapter> that stood-alone but
could be pulled into a larger work (with XInclude).

This also lets us absorb any open content that Red Hat has to provide
for us to use, without having to be tied directly to a particular book
structure needed by anyone else.

The resulting content is more useful for repurposing, meaning the
authors, friends, communities, etc. can create self-defined works of
multiple Beat content.  Etc.

Anyway, I'd like to kick that off, and keep it in mind for how we
structure the back-end FDP workflow for Plone.

- Karsten
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