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[REQUEST] kguitar

hello, it's my first time doing this and i'm not exactly sure what to write. i'd like if you can to include this program into fedora extras package. if you could i'd be really grateful as i've had a horrible time installing it (i don't even have the latest version and right now i didn't yet manage to get it working properly because it uses midi and that's a bit difficult for me to configure as a newbie). i've managed with help from a friend who knows linux a lot better than i do (if it weren't for him i would have quit) and i've installed it along with its dependencies from an apt repository off www.rockerssoft.org but unfortunately the rpms are for fc2 and i'm experiencing some problems with it. i'd be really grateful if you can include this as it would be a whole lot easier just doing yum install kguitar. i know it would be really useful too as a lot of people who use windows use guitar pro 4 which kguitar can import files from. so that would help guitarists migrate easier from windows to linux. if you can help me the program's homepage is http://kguitar.sourceforge.net where it has sources plus some ALT linux rpms (which i couldn't install). uh, i think that's a bit too much information.
if you can, i'd be happy if you would send me a response with your decision,

thanks again,
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