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Request for Review: gstreamer-plugins-extras

This package provides some gstreamer plugins that do not ship with
Fedora Core and depend only upon libraries currently available in
Extras. It is built from the same patent cleansed patched gst-plugins
tarball as the Fedora rawhide gstreamer-plugins package.

Included plugins:


This package is instead of my previously submitted
gstreamer-plugins-libvisual package.

spec file: http://mpeters.us/fc_extras/gstreamer-plugins-extras.spec

It builds with libraries currently available in extras-development
Installation depends upon my libvisual-plugins package also submitted.
That requires is because gst-register-0.8 will spit out errors about not
finding any available plugins if they aren't installed (it still loads,
but loads with zero features)

Targets Fedora Rawhide, should also build for fc3 if branched and the
tarball is changed to fc3 version of gst-plugins. I don't personally see
much point though, but if others do, it's an easy change.

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