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STLPort 4.6.2 for possible inclusion in Fedora Extras.

  After chatting with some Fedora folks at linux.conf.au I have decided
to start the process of packaging libferris available [1] via extras.
I'm he author of the libferris project and many of its spin off
sublibraries. To start the process I have decided to put forward STLport
for inclusion. 

In keeping with [2] I have updated my existing specfile and rolled a
src.rpm which are both available:

The specfile creates a pkg-config .pc file and as such requires knowing
where prefix and libdir are going to be. I don't really mind removing
the .pc file and if that is done the specfile should be more "normal".
The main reason I include the .pc file generation is that it
makes ./configure on clients much faster if you don't have to poke
around the system and try_link() all the time to find your stlport. Of
course the ./configures I have that *use* the stlport package all drop
back to probing and try_link() but they first attempt to find by pkg-

rpmlint complains about the protections of the source + patches being
incorrect, a lack no-soname for the library and  wrong-script-end-of-
line-encoding for some headers. I suspect the header thing is either
rpmlint being overparanoid or I have forgotten a directive in the

The soname thing I am unsure of how to fix.

The hardcoded-library-path error is to do with the fact that I need to
know where the library is to make a .pc file for it. 

The License in the spec is not quite right, see its README for details.

I thought at this point I'd throw the package out there and see what
interest there is. I'll probably remove it from the webserver after a
little while.

$ rpmlint /tmp/rpmbuild/RPM/SRPMS/STLport-4.6.2-1.src.rpm
E: STLport no-signature
W: STLport strange-permission STLport.spec 0660
W: STLport strange-permission STLport-4.6.2.tar.gz 0400
W: STLport strange-permission STLport-4.6.2-make.patch 0400
W: STLport strange-permission STLport-64bit.patch 0660
W: STLport strange-permission STLport-4.6.2-paths.patch 0400
E: STLport hardcoded-library-path in /usr/lib

$ rpmlint /tmp/rpmbuild/RPM/RPMS/athlon/STLport-4.6.2-1.athlon.rpm
W: STLport no-soname /usr/lib/libstlport_gcc.so.4.6
E: STLport no-signature

$ rpmlint /tmp/rpmbuild/RPM/RPMS/athlon/STLport-devel-4.6.2-1.athlon.rpm
W: STLport-devel no-major-in-name STLport-devel
W: STLport-devel no-documentation
E: STLport-devel wrong-script-end-of-line-
encoding /usr/include/stlport/stl/debug/_relops_hash_cont.h
E: STLport-devel wrong-script-end-of-line-
encoding /usr/include/stlport/stl/debug/_relops_cont.h
E: STLport-devel wrong-script-end-of-line-
encoding /usr/include/stlport/config/_msvc_warnings_off.h
E: STLport-devel zero-length /usr/include/stlport/stl/_exception.h
E: STLport-devel no-signature

[1] http://witme.sourceforge.net/libferris.web/download/buildorder.html
[2] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/NewPackageProcess

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