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Delay between cvs commit and build-request/build

Hi *

We had something like the following once before, I can't find it in the
archives (did not search very long), but it is somewhere. 

The purpose of the "Fedora Extras CVS commits <fedora-extras-
commits redhat com>" Mailinglist was/is to make it possible for others
like sponsors, package reviewers or other interested parties to check
the fixes/changes that were committed to cvs before they get
build/published. With the build-system now working automatically most
packagers (including myself ;-) ) request build directly after
committing. So actually no real check before build/publish (the latter
actually depends on sign-time) is possible.

Should there be a delay in this process somewhere? At least 24 hours for

Requesting build after commit is imho understandable and okay (if the
publish can be canceled somehow) -- with this way you don't have to come
back later to request the build (otherwise it might be forgotten if you
touch a lot of different packages on one day). But maybe the packages
should not be signed/pushed in the 24 hours (or maybe 48 hours) after
the build-request/cvs-commit?!


Thorsten Leemhuis <fedora leemhuis info>

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