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Re: Fedora Extras Development Build Report

On Sun, 2005-05-08 at 18:48 +0200, Michael Schwendt wrote:
> Effectively, the volunteer packager is expected to expand his interest
> and care for development and support of a platform, which he doesn't
> use, and probably related specific mailing-lists and topics of
> discussion.

That is the job for which they volunteered; that is the job of the
package maintainer. 

All the package maintainer really needs to do, if they lack the
knowledge necessary to fix the problem, is isolate it and call for help.
If they don't want that responsibility, that's fine. They can take their
toys and go home. We won't miss them.

As I already said -- if the packager is only interested in the parts of
the package which _they_ use, and on _their_ platform(s), then they
might as well just package it privately, not for Extras.

However, this is a purely theoretical discussion. I don't think that
there's any real evidence that our package maintainers really are that
lax -- and if they do turn out to be, we can cross that bridge if/when
we come to it.


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