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New version of GCfilms package (was: Self-Introduction: Christian Jodar (Tian))


I made a new version of the GCfilms .src.rpm thanks to
the great help of Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams and Paul Howarth

New file can be found here:


Modified .spec is there:


Generated RPM is there:


I also have some questions.

Concerning the Source0 value, I used a URL for it. But during my build
process, I needed to download it before. I thought that rpmbuild will
do such a thing alone. When packages are integrated in Fedora Extras CVS
how is it done? Is there a separate process that download sources if

As you may have notices, there is a lot of %{__install} commands in the
%install section. As it seems there is no way to do some recursive copies
with install (but I may be wrong) , is it really better to use it instead
of a more classical cp?

I got a notification email telling me my membership request in cvsextras
group has been rejected. Does it mean I have to give up with all this stuff?
Or do I first have to find a sponsor and then apply again? Or something else?

Thanks again for your help.


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