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Re: request for review: hobbit

I've been looking at this package a little, since I've used bigbrother
quite a bit, and really like the explanation for the name :-)

"Why did you call it Hobbit ?

Choosing a name is hard. I wanted a name that was easy to remember; could
be interpreted as a somewhat meaningful acronym; and one that did not
refer directly to the Big Brother origin. "Hobbit" could mean "High-
performance Open-source BB ImplemenTation" but it might as well just be a
name. If you're familiar with the Hobbit's in Tolkien's books, you will
know that hobbits are very fond of things that are green - just like any
systems- or network-administrator prefers his monitoring screen to be.
They also pay a great deal of attention to what is happening around them,
and are capable of doing things that you would not think they could when
you first saw them. All of these characteristics apply well to the Hobbit


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