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Re: install versus cp -a in %install

> You asked specifically about "cp vs. install", I posted a comment about
> that. It was not a comment about packaging in general. For some things
> there are guidelines, for other things there are policies.

Actually no. I asked about "cp vs. install _in %install_" So I was talking
about what can be done in .spec files for RPMs to be included into Fedora
Extras. I submitted a package to be reviewed and I wanted to do everything
as expected. So if the answer is "There is no guideline about what you 
should better use for this case", it is perfect for me.

> > But I have a more important question: Why did you use such a condescending
> > tone?
> That's a matter of opinion. I don't think I did.

Really? Bah, let's say it could be because english is not my mother tongue
and translation for what you told (especially your first sentence) in my
language sounds aggressive. But we are off-topic there. So for me we could
stop with this part of the discussion and focus on technical aspect.

Christian Jodar.

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