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Re: New package: denyhosts

>>>>> "AK" == Aaron Kurtz <a kurtz hardsun net> writes:

AK> Dist Tag? http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/DistTag

I'm not sure what purpose it would serve.  The package is pretty much
independent of the distro version.

AK> If you change Source0 to
AK> http://dl.sourceforge.net/denyhosts/DenyHosts-%{version}.tar.gz
AK> one can download new versions with just "spectool -g
AK> denyhost.spec".

I didn't realize that.  I'll fix it with my next set of edits.

AK> Also, where are the other Sources and Patch available? No srpm
AK> that I can find, and so I'm unable to rebuild this.

I've copied the SRPM into http://www.math.uh.edu/~tibbs/denyhosts

BTW, I've found that after making this package that unfortunately
DenyHosts doesn't really fit my requirements because it doesn't age
out entries.  So a user unlucky enough to mistype his passwords five
times in total from the same IP gets blocked, regardless of the
frequency of the mistakes.  Crap.  So I have to decide whether to
improve my Python by hacking on DenyHosts, to take the easy road and
rewrite it in Perl.  Or, hey, I've been meaning to learn Ruby.

 - J<

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