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New package: scli

Package: scli
Homepage: http://www.ibr.cs.tu-bs.de/projects/scli/

The scli package was written as simple tool for monitoring and
configuring network devices and host systems. The scli package is based
on the SNMP management protocol.

Generic SNMP tools such as MIB browsers or simple command line tools
(e.g. snmpwalk) are hard to use since they expose too many protocol
details. And in most cases, they fail to present the information in a
format that is easy to read and understand.

The scli package was designed to be extensible. Additional modes that
extend the capabilities of the tools can easily be added. The smidump
MIB compiler hides all the SNMP protocol details so that every C
programmer can implement new modes. In fact, we like to encourage users
to write and contribute new modes so that the package becomes more and
more valuable.



Radek Vokl <radekvokal gmail com>

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