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Re: LIRC with Streamzap

On Thu, 2005-05-26 at 09:26 -0600, Peter Hutnick wrote:

> The Fedora Extras LIRC 0.7.1 RPM is missing Streamzap support for some
> reason.  Support for this device is in the LIRC 0.7.1 source tarball.
> Any chance of getting the RPM rebuilt with this support?

streamzap seems to be implemented as a kernel module, and we haven't
agreed how to package kernel modules yet in Extras, that's why.

If you're running FC3, you can grab the kernel-module-devel package for
your kernel from rpm.livna.org and try rebuilding the Extras source rpm
with "rpmbuild --with kmod --target i686" (if you've a i686 kernel).  It
used to work at some point, but I haven't checked lately.  Oh, and you
may need to add streamzap to "drivers" at the top of the specfile before

I'll look into at least updating the kernel module build in the lirc
specfile soon as well as adjusting it for FC4 kernel-devel packages to
make rebuilders' lives easier, but hopefully we can ship kernel module
packages from Extras soon.

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