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Re: Request for review: Enlightenment DR17 + EFL

Didier Casse wrote:

On 5/30/05, John Ellson <ellson research att com> wrote:

Didier Casse wrote:

Hi all,
   I would like to have a review on the  Enlightenment DR17 package
+ the accompanying Enlightenment Foundation Library packages (EFL).

Dependency problem:

   $ rpmbuild -ba emotion.spec
   error: Failed build dependencies:
           xine-lib-devel is needed by

xine-lib-devel is not provided by Fedora-Core or Fedora-Extras.

arrgggh :-(

This is not a problem if you want to install enlightenment. It doesn't
really need emotion. But goodies like

eclair --- EFL powered media player
engage --- Cool docker that resembles OSX in some ways
e_utils --- Utilities: e17setroot/emblem/entangle/e_util_app_edit
(Well these ones can be a necessity!)

and things like

ewl --- Widget library
examine--- config interface

cannot be installed. Is there a possibility that somebody maintains
xine in FC extras?

There are additional depencies as well, but xine itself isn't required.
I was able to continue testing E by installing the following from DAG's repository:



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