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Request for Review: sword


The sword project provides an api for bible study related software.
Three (that I know of) front ends for Linux exist - gnomesword (gnome),
bibletime (kde), and jsword (a java interface)

modules for bible texts, commentaries, lexicons, and general books (IE
complete works of josephus) are made available to the user through the
front end that the user chooses.

This spec file has been tested and builds on both x86 and ppc (in
rawhide, will fc3 test tomorrow)

For testers - I do not intend to package any of the modules, the front
end clients allow you to download and install them in your home
directory. I do however have a shell script (somewhat ugly) that
generates rpm's from the raw .zip module files for global installation
if anyone is interested.

I will be submitting gnomesword shortly. I have no plans for packaging
the other interfaces.
I don't use KDE and java is ugly :p

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