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[Bug 178951] Review Request: modules - Provides dynamic modification of a user's environment

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Summary: Review Request: modules - Provides dynamic modification of a user's environment


------- Additional Comments From orion cora nwra com  2006-02-02 11:53 EST -------
(In reply to comment #2)
> Hi Orion, I really don't know what to say in regards to the default
> initialization of modules.  Some may view it as helpful while others 
> may think its an annoyance.  Since you're packaging it, I think you 
> should get some leeway in deciding whats appropriate.
I'm going with initialization by default.  Seems to go with the extras idea - if
you install the software you want to use it.
> nits:
>  - Why the "--disable-versioning" flag?  IMHO, its a pretty 
>    cool and useful feature.

configuring for Modules 3.2.0           2006-01-17
configure: error: You can not have versioning if --exec-prefix is specified
must disable with --disable-versioning

What is versioning useful for with modules?  Note that this is not the standard
--enable-versioning configure option stuff (I think).

>  - Please consider naming the package "environment-modules" 
>    instead of just "modules" since it is the upstream project 
>    name (the "Environment Modules Project") and its a lot less 
>    ambiguous.  The name "modules" gets used for all sorts of 
>    stuff including kernel modules and perhaps a more descriptive 
>    name can help avoid some confusion for new users?  Its just 
>    a suggestion, though.
But "modules" seems to be the accepted shorthand and that is what the tar file
is called.

>  - Please consider either adding the paper:
>      http://modules.sourceforge.net/docs/MC2_whitney_paper.pdf
>    to the documentation or adding a brief REAME-style link to 
>    the homepage and the paper since its very helpful and well-
>    written document.  Exactly the sort of thing new users should 
>    read!

I'd rather keep the package size down.  It's on the project home page.


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