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[Bug 179758] Review Request: Eiciel (ACL editor)

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Summary: Review Request: Eiciel (ACL editor)


------- Additional Comments From fedora adslpipe co uk  2006-02-03 09:22 EST -------
Thanks for that ...

I've excluded the .a file, and been more specific about the %files
now it builds and rebuilds clean on i386 and x86_64 plus rpmlint is silent.

I presume that because %doc matches all the files under /usr/share/doc it's best
to remove my (currently commented) %{_datadir}/doc/eiciel*/*

Similarly I believe that RPM is clever enough to work out the Requires: for
itself, so my commented Requires: should be removed too? Or if it's not so
clever as I've assumed I should check more closely the actual Requires:

I only get a -debuginfo package produced on x86_64, does that indicate a problem?

All files refreshed to http://adslpipe.co.uk/fedora/extras/eiciel

I think I should go through a typical review checklist in a "muttering to
myself" fashion ...

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