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Summary from the last FESCo meeting

Find below a summary from the last FESCo meeting. Full log and this
summary in a prettier format is available from:

The Agenda, often with links to some more detailed background on the
topics is found at

 * Cleanup the Schedule from non-extras tasks

 Discussed some items and removed them. FC5 naming is still there: 
 Sopwith> | And the naming thing just needs someone to adopt it.
 thl>     | Sopwith, who is someone?
 f13>     | thl: could be someone interested, however somebody at red hat will still have to get it pushed through legal.
 Sopwith> | thl: I'm writing an e-mail to jkeating right now - he's the one that'll have to make it happen...
 f13>     | Sopwith: thanks.
 f13>     | Sopwith: I'll make it happen

 * Mass Rebuild of FE5

 We still can't start yet, need to wait for another rebuild in core

 * EOL Policy for FE

 The current plan found at
http://www.fedoraproject.org/wiki/Extras/Schedule/EolPolicy is this:
This is a rough draft of what to do about Extras when a Fedora release 
goes EOL.

When a Fedora Core release reaches End of Life (such as Fedora Core 3
will once Fedora Core 5 Test 2 is released), the corresponding release
of Fedora Extras well enter a Maintenance state.  In this state
maintainers will be allowed to issue updates to existing packages, but
no new packages can be introduced.  Maintainers are strongly urged to
only issue severe bugfix or security fixes.  New software versions
should be avoided except when necessary for resolving issues with the
the current version.  At this point there is no plan to close a release 
of Fedora Extras, preventing any further package releases.

While the Fedora Core release will be transferred to the Fedora Legacy
project, Fedora Legacy will not be responsible for maintaining Fedora
Extras.  We feel it is better for the current package maintainer to
continue handling package releases for the Fedora Extras release that is
in maintenance state.

 Speak up now or this will be policy soon. 

 * Encourage Extras reviews

 Current state: 134 Bugs in the new state, 54 under review -- some for a
very long time already!

 Action: Create SIGs (Special Interest Groups). Which ones? Good
question. Ignacio already started a bit of work at
Current groups: GNOME, KDE, Multimedia, Perl, Python, Ruby, Scientific
and Technical, Server Tools, ppc, x86-64. Do we need more? Input

 Action: Review days (general or specific to the SIGs) may help getting
stuff reviewed -- somebody needs to work out the details. 

 Help-Needed -- interested to work in one of the SIGs? Add yourself to
the wiki-pages!

 Undecided: Maybe separate mailing-lists for the SIGs

 Undecided: How to track the bugs for the SIGs? Tracker-BUGs? Wiki?

 * Broken deps report
 mschwendt has a handy script that does most things automatic. Should
run in the future with every extras push. mschwendt will send the
current proposal to fedora-extras-list for futher discussion and put the
script in a public place.

 * JesseKeating wants to remove himself from FESCo

 "I was on FESCO mostly because of Legacy, which is its own project now.
I rarely have anything to do w/ FESCO and it doesn't make sense for me
to be trying ot make decisions for hte project." 

 We didn't let him go for now :-)

 Okay, now seriously: We need to work out the details who is in FESCo,
why, how to get in, how to get out, when people are thrown out to make
space for more active people, how many people should be in FESCo in
general, how the chair gets elected and similar stuff. Opinions?

 * We should discuss more topics on mailing-lists

 Some discussion in FESCo were done on the private FESCo-Mailinglist. We
should avoid this in the future as much as possible and discuss
everything on fedora-extras-list directly.

 We also should discuss less in the FESCo meetings on IRC and more on
the lists where everyone can participate.

BTW, sorry for the delay, I didn't find time earlier to write this
Thorsten Leemhuis <fedora leemhuis info>

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