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[Bug 177507] Review Request: pida

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Summary: Review Request: pida


------- Additional Comments From che666 gmail com  2006-02-08 04:57 EST -------
(In reply to comment #6)
> - This
> >Requires:   python-abi = %(%{__python} -c "import sys ; print sys.version[:3]")
> is not needed anymore -- works automatically in FC4 and later

alright thats cleaned up now.

> - Don't repeat the name of the package in the beginning of the summary

cosmetical fix done ;)

> - The license doesn't look like GPL

its MIT... fixed

> - Description needs a linebreak after 80 chars

linebreaks done

> - Description might be a bit to long

gotta recheck that. shouldnt be a big problem to make it shorter

> - Change
> Requires:   desktop-file-utils
> to
> BuildRequires:   desktop-file-utils

thats correct and fixed now

> - In the future please add versions in the changelog 

also done

> - why "Release: 0.2" and not "Release: 2"?

this has multible reasons. first i dont want to give the impression that the
package is yet really production ready and second of all i wanted to start of
with a clean -1 release once its approved. in my eyes pida is very promising
software but very young yet so it can definitely use some love and care already.
0.3.1 is a useable release if the embedded vim editor is used.

> - saw those warnings when starting pida:
> which: no pydoc in
> which: no xemacs in
> Are they relevant?

optional components. pida is a framework.

> - In the future please upload the srpms somewhere to the web and post only post
> links to it -- don't attach the packages in bugzilla

alright but unfortunately thats the reason why i dont have the src rpm up yet. 

> (In reply to comment #5)
> > list of known issues:
> > - usually bicyclerepair would be required to load the python plugins but i left
> > the dependencys out since the plugins (browser/profiler/debugger) dont load
> > anyways. (will be fixed with 0.3.0)
> I would add it nevertheless 

seems to be not even required anymore. but i will talk back to upstream. going
to clear up the issue until the next src rpm upload.


1) do something with the stuff in docs/ folder... maybe it would be nice to pdf
those html manuals. suggestions?

2) get the vim problem fixed (actually i had problems to get the external vim
editor going)

3) build install and split off the in extras/ included gazpacho plugin

4) report all found issues to upstream

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