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Re: SIGs (Was: Shortlog from todays fesco meeting)

Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
> Am Dienstag, den 07.02.2006, 12:08 -0600 schrieb Jason L Tibbitts III:
>>>>>>>"TL" == Thorsten Leemhuis <fedora leemhuis info> writes:
>>I don't think it would be necessary to enforce any kind
>>of structure, although if a SIG goes dead there should probably be a
>>procedure for deleting it.
> Well, I agree mostly. But some questions maybe should be discussed once
> (and the answers should be written down somewhere in the wiki):
> - How to get in contact with a SIG

fedora-extras-list seems like a good place.  I don't see enough traffic
to warrant an extra list, and much of the discussion in a SIG would
probably be of wider interest to the rest of the FE community.

IRC is another option, but that would require that SIG members camp out
in the IRC channel.  I'm not sure about other's irc habits, but I don't
tend to monitor irc as much as email.

> - What do SIGs do? And what not?

Encourage reviews of SIG-related packages.
Discuss packaging details specific to the SIG (such as language-specific
Suggest additional packages for submission.

imho, the goal of a SIG would be to publish high-quality packages of
interest to the SIG community.

> - Do we need mailinglists?  IRC-Channels?

See above.  I think fedora-extras-list is fine.

> - Should SIG's have a leader ?

Not necessarily.  I don't see SIGs needing any sort of higher level
management.  If some sort of leader is needed because a SIG gets big,
then that leader will likely naturally emerge from the SIG.

> - How can FESCo contact a SIG(-leader)?
> - Who coordinates the SIG creation? I think we shouldn't have more then
> 10 or 15 groups. And we probably all don't want a "GNOME Games written
> in python SIG" 

How about proposing new SIGs on the mailing list?

> - That's a good example: If I have a gnome game written in python: Which
> SIG do I contact in case of problems: The Gnome, Python or Games SIG?
> (Okay, common sense should normally be enough to answer this question,
> but I bet that we'll see such a question on this list sooner or later)

I guess I really see SIGs as a wiki page listing packages under review,
packaging details, etc.  I don't see the need to create additional
communications channels from the very beginning.  So in your example,
you'd contact the fedora-extras mailing list, and members of the
relevant SIGs should respond.

I'm assuming in all of this that SIGs are organized around the packaging
of software, rather than an end-user discussion/support group.


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