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[Bug 179802] Review Request: seamonkey

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Summary: Review Request: seamonkey


------- Additional Comments From kengert redhat com  2006-02-10 15:36 EST -------
> > Ok, done. Motivated by your proposal, I tried to 
> > use the same build code as used in the firefox spec file.
> > But that failed, I got errors in install stage,
> What specific errors?

During install, the RPM build system tries to access a path that does not match
what is produced in /var/tmp

As it requires so much time to build, I was not motivated to make further
attempts, but decided to go with the code that works.

> Does it work if you Require: seamonkey (it should be Require anyway, and
> please one Require per line.)

You mean  RequireS:  instead of  Prereq:  ?

> > Or should we use some "find" statements to change the modes before they 
> > are copied? Or do you have a better idea?
> I think either solution is probably sufficient.

I found the existing spec has 
  # fix permissions of the chrome directories
  /usr/bin/find . -type d -perm 0700 -exec chmod 755 {} \; || :
I will add
  # We don't want JS files to be executable
  /usr/bin/find . -type f -name \*.js -exec chmod 644 {} \; || :
and see if that works

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