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[Bug 179237] Review Request: swaks - A command-line SMTP transaction tester

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Summary: Review Request: swaks - A command-line SMTP transaction tester


------- Additional Comments From rpm timj co uk  2006-02-12 05:47 EST -------
Jason, you've beaten me to it: I was going to submit swaks :) Thanks for this
package submission.

A few small comments:

1. I think that Source0 should be http://jetmore.org/john/code/swaks.%{version}
not http://jetmore.org/john/code/swaks as presumably the latter always points to
the latest version, making it invalid as new versions roll in.

2. In my own packaging of this I have the following deps in addition to the ones
you have:

- perl(MIME::Base64)
- perl(Digest::MD5)
- perl(Authen::NTLM)
- perl(Authen::DigestMD5)

Now, these aren't strictly required to be able to use swaks, but they are
required to implement all of the advertised functionality, and without them you
will get some fairly ungraceful errors when you try to do various things.
Therefore, I think they should be deps. In fact, the reason why I didn't submit
the swaks spec myself earlier is because one or two of the above (at least
Authen::NTLM IIRC) are not currently in FC/FE so they need submitting first.
This harks back to a discussion I initiated in Jan on fedora-extras-list about
"optional" deps:


3. Does the package need a BR on /usr/bin/pod2man or is that one of the implicit

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