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[Bug 181068] Review Request: html401-dtds - HTML 4.01 document type definitions

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Summary: Review Request: html401-dtds - HTML 4.01 document type definitions


------- Additional Comments From ville skytta iki fi  2006-02-12 14:18 EST -------
docbook-dtds and xhtml1-dtds don't really seem to constitute a common policy.  I
think the basic ideas are mostly the same in them, this package and the Debian

docbook-dtds AFAICT unnecessarily embeds full version-release strings into its
install dirs, making it hard for apps to point only to a specific version of the
dtds.  It also sets SGMLDECL in a catalog that gets included in the global
catalog which is problematic because SGMLDECL (at least as implemented in
opensp) is global and the first one encountered will be used for _all_
subsequent matches -> breakage.  Further, it registers itself to the private
catalogs of openjade -> most likely unneeded, needs changing between openjade
releases, and results in a build dependency loop.

xhtml1-dtds registers the dtds only to the XML catalogs (despite of installing
into sgml dirs) so it's somewhat different.  It also embeds a date stamp (but
not version-release) in its install dirs but that's less problematic than in
docbook-dtds because there's a xmlcatalog in an unversioned path in

Both of the above install DTDs executable, but that's probably just a bug.

So in a nutshell, compared to those, this package uses a dir structure that is
very unlikely to need changing, installs a self-contained catalog to its own dir
below /usr/share/sgml, uses DTDDECLs instead of SGMLDECLs in order to not
interfere with (nor be confused by) other SGML dtd packages' SGML declarations,
+ bug fixes.

Yes, I intend to file some related bug reports in the future :)  And I have also
HTML 2.0, 3.2, 4.0, ISO-HTML, XHTML Basic 1.0, XHTML 1.1, SMIL 2.0, and RSS
*-dtds packages more or less ready to roll, some of which will probably be
submitted later.

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