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Re: gstreamer08 is dead; long live gstreamer

Le Lundi 13 Février 2006 09:19, Christopher Aillon a écrit :
> Just a note that all the dependencies of gstreamer08 are gone from Core,
> and we will be removing gstreamer08 soon from Core.  There is a package
> or two in extras that depends on it still, so this is a heads up that
> either it needs to be imported into Extras, or packages should be
> updated to use gstreamer 0.10.

Amarok is one of those packages still depending on gstreamer 0.8. Version 
1.4beta1 was out two days ago, and in the changelog there is :
* Initial port of GStreamer engine to GStreamer 0.10.

So I think amarok 1.4 final will use gstreamer 0.10 (I'm double-checking 
that with the devs). Amarok 1.4 will be out before FC5, so this package 
does not need gstreamer 0.8 imported into Extras.

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