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Re: Please rebuild your packages in the development tree of Fedora Extras

Le Mar 14 février 2006 12:43, Michael Schwendt a écrit :
> On Tue, 14 Feb 2006 07:20:18 +0100, Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
>> > 1) A forced rebuild, just to check whether a package still builds, is
>> > something that can be done by the maintainer _locally_ using mock or
>> with
>> > FC5 Test 3.
>> You forget that we have some packagers that live in parts of the world
>> where internet bandwidth is costly. I suspect that each rebuild for
>> devel with mock will download 300 - 750 MByte. To much for those
>> packagers afaics.
> That's just another exception. As is a package which doesn't need a
> rebuild.
> A packager who's not running Rawhide--or at least one late test
> release--cannot test the binaries at all prior to FC5 being
> published. That would be an unfortunate situation. That even bears the
> risk of publishing binaries which don't work but which upgrade older
> still-working binaries, and--in case upstream development help is
> needed--which will remain broken until a fix is ready.

So what ?
Do you think the situation is any different for packagers which run
rawhide but have no access to FCn and FCn-1 ? Or i386 packagers which have
no access to x86_64 or ppc systems ?

At one point you have to release packages and bet that if they work on
your system they'll work on the others FE is built for.

The only working rule given our ressources is :
- package must work on the packager system
- packager must allocate time to fix the systems he didn't test after
pushing a new build if someone reports a problem in the following week

Even forgetting about the FE Legacy problems, full testing right now would
soon mean test on
devel-x86_64, devel-ppc, devel-i386, FC5-x86_64, FC5-ppc, FC5-i386,
FC4-x86_64, FC4-ppc, FC4-i386

Anyone advocating full testing is welcome to ask for SRPMs of my packages
a week before I push them and test them himself. Because I'll never test
them on anything other than devel-x86_64. I don't have the hardware or
time to do full testing. And the vast majority of packagers are in the
same situation.

Community process means the community does stuff. Including testing
packages. You don't like it you can pay RHEL for Red Hat to do this
testing for you.


Nicolas Mailhot

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