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[Bug 173719] Review Request: openmpi - a new MPI implementation

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Summary: Review Request:  openmpi - a new MPI implementation


------- Additional Comments From ed eh3 com  2006-02-15 20:45 EST -------
Hi Jason, is there any chance that you (and the other Red Hat packagers) 
would consider using environment-modules for side-by-side installs of 
different MPI implementations?  Compared to the alternatives system,
environment-modules is far superior.  Alternatives does not (and probably 
never will) gracefully handle situations such as multiple implementations 
of the same API.  For instance, what do you do with the LAM, MPICH, etc. 
man pages?  If you use environment-modules, its very easy to install as 
many different MPI implimentations (and their corresponding MAN pages, 
etc.) as you want and then define multiple MPI "modules" (that is, scripts 
within the environment-modules system) that each set the correct MANPATH and any
other values.  And I mention man pages only as an example -- the idea readily
entends to binaries, libs, headers, what-have-you...

Further, the use of environment-modules is a __de facto__ standard.  The 
vast majority of (super-)computing centers, clusters, etc. where MPI is 
chiefly used also use environment-modules.  Its popular at these locations
exactly because it works so smoothly.  Its a simple, easily understood,
extensible, and elegant approach.  And it provides end users with maximal 
flexibility and choice.

To the best of my knowledge, not a *single* system on this planet uses
alternatives for MPI.  Its borderline moronic.  Why would you folks 
want to ignore the hard-won wisdom of an entire field and go with some 
clunky, inferior alternatives-based approach when you can have something
so much better?

PS: Orion has very helpfully packaged environment-modules for Extras so 
its *very* easy for you folks to adopt...  [Hint-hint...!]

PPS: I'll be glad to discuss this further with anyone who has questions.
Feel free to contact me by email, etc.

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