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goffice upgrade notice

Hi all,

I've just had a trainride home from work and thus had the time to think about this and I've come to the same conclusion as Bill Nottingham in reply to my previous post on this:

Even though upstream shouldn't have unnecessary changed the soname, patching the newer version to keep the old soname is a _bad_ idea, this will cause problems with non FE prebuilt binaries and packages from other repos.

Also since there really are no changes only bugfixes in this new release, fixen any broken deps will require just a rebuild and since we're already doing the rebuild limbo I'll add goffice in the mix :)

Thus I'm pushing a new goffice asap, with a new soname. AFAIK besides gnumeric wich will get pushed immediatly after goffice there are no packages depending on this, if there are:
-a rebuild will be nescesarry (sorry)
-please let me know, for future reference



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