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[Bug 181445] Review Request: php-shout

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Summary: Review Request: php-shout


------- Additional Comments From holbrookbw users sourceforge net  2006-02-16 17:52 EST -------
One other thing, when I started this PHP extension project, I named it
"phpShout", and registered as such under sourceforge.  However, when packaging
it up for Fedora, it made much more sense to name the package "php-shout", in
the age-old 'package-subpackage' format.  Is this a violation of FE's Naming
Guidelines, that the RPM doesn't match the tarball?

The Wiki told me to "use your best judgment", and that "other developers will
help in the final decision."  I'd much prefer to call it php-shout, and CAN
rename the upstream source for future versions.

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