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Re: Do we want extras/testing/{4, 5} repos (was Re: Packaging review guidelines clarification)

Le samedi 18 février 2006 à 18:54 -0500, Dan Williams a écrit :

> Again though, I don't think adding more complexity and forking multiple
> repos and package sets here is the answer.  I guess I view the
> scratchpad/testing stuff as more of a ground for making sure your
> package compiles on PPC before you do the final build.

Specialized testing repositories (like the kernel, netdev, selinux ones
on p.r.c work fine). Blanket testing repositories do *not*. People are
ready to test bleeding edge, but only bleeding edge in the few parts of
the distro they're most interested in and which packagers they trust.

(also you'll note none of the given examples are for packages with big
dependency trees)

Nicolas Mailhot

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