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Re: Crontab and init scripts

> Whatever method is chosen needs to integrate with system-config-services
> in one way or another, because that's what the user (me) expects.
> Certainly I don't want to be editing config files of any kind, that's
> the Unix way, and seems quite obsolete to me. Currently it seems that
> many services fail that test - I can tell just looking at the selinux
> denials - mrtg and munin and suspect.

You should take a look at /etc/cron* There's many things listed there
that won't show up in services.  I'm not saying they shouldn't, but
right now it would not be consistant for me to add Cacti to an init
script.  Logrotate is an excellent example, the logs don't rotate
themselves and logrotate does not show up in system-config-services.

I'm really not against the idea of using init for cron scripts, or
somehow integrating cron into system-config-services.  But I don't
think its common practice.


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