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Re: Not for commercial use licenses / seperate repo? (was Re: angband license)

Rahul Sundaram wrote:

Now I'm no fan of non-free software, but IMHO opinion I think it is fair if people give something away for free including source et all that they disallow commercial use.

So I would like to propose creating a not for commercial use repo under the fedora umbrella.

Currently Fedora is 100% Free and open source. Such repositories IMO would dilute that. If it needs to be done, coordinate and do it but not within the Fedora umbrella. My 2 cents.

Setting up a proper repo takes lots of effort, if it can legally be done within Fedora then all that effort could be put somewhere better.

We've even had discussions about allowing this kinda software into extras afaik we're still waiting for a response from legal. Greg you were talking to legal about this back then, did they give an answer if not why not?

Don't get me wrong I'm not advocating putting this into extras, but I think it should be doable under the Fedora umbrella.



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