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Re: Rebuild status of FE5 (Was: Re: Please rebuild your packages in the development tree of Fedora Extras)

Hi Thorsten.

Thanks for those status reports.

> So, how to proceed? Bug the maintainers with a E-Mail directly? Probably
> a good idea. I'll try to write a script that does this.

This is the best idea at the moment IMHO. Those people may read the lists
through an NNTP gateway, and have reasons not to fire up their news client
(not the habit, too much work, etc...).
But then, you might say, will they have time to rebuild their packages ?
Anyway, a direct mail reminder will probably help a lot.

> But we have not much time until FC5 is shipped. Do we simply want to
> ignore that a lot of packages were not rebuild until then? Or do we want
> to let a script rebuild the rest of the packages?

About 3/4 of my packages rebuilt correctly on FC5 IIRC, so that still leaves
a lot of work to have packages build with gcc4.1, updated libs, etc...
Maybe have the script rebuild a maintainer's packages if he hasn't answered
the direct mail by Wednesday ?

> More important: How do we find out if these 43 people are still Fedora
> Extras maintainers?

The direct mail will help there too.

> And I suspect that some others from those 43 maintainers probably should
> face that they have a lot of other, more important work to do and should
> probably orphan their packages so that other interested people can take
> them over.

Maybe automatically orphan the packages if they are not rebuilt for the 6th
of Mars ? (date of "Absolute devel freeze") ? That leaves 9 days to rebuild
them and fix the problems. Maybe it's too short, it depends on how many
packages fail to rebuild automatically. We'll see.
Ah, and they need to find new maintainers quickly :(
If no one steps up I can help rebuilding them for FC5, so we'll be able to
wait after FC5 is released to find new maintainers.

> Suggestions how to solve this whole mess in the short and in the long
> term welcome.

Having not-rebuilt packages being automatically orphaned on test3 of each FC
release seems like a decent long-term solution to me.

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