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Re: frustrated newcomers AND orphaned packages (Was: Rebuild status of FE5)

On 2/27/06, Brandon Holbrook <holbrookbw users sourceforge net> wrote:
> owned by Thomas Vander Stichele
> (thomas apestaart org).  After a suggestion by Jochen, I submitted a > RFE in bugzilla to update libshout to 2.x, or at least create a libshout2
> package that I would be more than happy to maintain
> (https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=181523).
> Thomas,however, has yet to comment on the RFE, and apparently
> according to the  Wiki's FC5Status, he has yet to rebuild ANY of his
> packages for FC5,
> making his MIA a burden on us all, not just me.

>From reading between the lines in his blog entries, I believe he's on
vacation for a couple of weeks.

> This is very frustrating for me, because for the past two weeks I've
> been ready every day to finally get a project approved and actually be
> able to contribute to Extras.

> My point out of all this is that first, I would like to see Extras adopt
> a "forced adoption" policy (maybe "kidnapping" is a more appropriate
> term ;) ).

Any policy of forced adoption would require at least a month waiting
period if its going to be a policy at all.  I don't think 2 weeks is
enough considering this isn't a source code repository but there are
packaging depchains which must be accounted for. This isn't
sourceforge, were you can archive older releases for use.  And I
certaintly don't think "new" contributors, who don't have a track
record inside the project, should be allowed to walk in and forcible
take a package under any circumstances.

The better solution the problem is breaking the model of one owner per
package and having as many packages as possible under the
maintainership of teams of people who agree as to roadmap for that
subset of packages.

> Second, I am obviously a +1 for the "auto
> orphan" policy Aurelien proposed below, but I'd also take it a step
> further and auto-orphan packages that have RFEs unanswered for x
> days.

Mental note to self, create that script to auto-answer all new tickets
to components that I own so I don't have to take time out answering
crackrock RFEs in x number of days just to keep my ownership status.

Mental note #2, give the script to thomas.


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