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Re: Rebuild status of FE5 (Was: Re: Please rebuild your packages in the development tree of Fedora Extras)

Am Sonntag, den 26.02.2006, 20:21 +0100 schrieb Aurelien Bompard:
> > So, how to proceed? Bug the maintainers with a E-Mail directly? Probably
> > a good idea. I'll try to write a script that does this.
> This is the best idea at the moment IMHO.[...]
> Anyway, a direct mail reminder will probably help a lot.

Done some minutes ago (sorry, I didn't find time for it earlier);
Initial results:

Keith G. Robertson-Turner: "This account is protected against spam,
using the SpamArrest service, which is a 'C/R' or 'Challenge/Response'
service. [...]" 

/me wonders if Keith was wise enough to whitelist the E-Mail address
used by bugzilla.redhat.com. Keith? 

aaron.bennett_AT_olin.edu -- "Delivery failed."
colin_AT_fedoraproject.org --  "User unknown"
lemenkov newmail ru -- "User unknown"



/me wonders how many of the other mail addresses from owners.list don't
work but chooses to simply ignore that for now.

> > And I suspect that some others from those 43 maintainers probably should
> > face that they have a lot of other, more important work to do and should
> > probably orphan their packages so that other interested people can take
> > them over.
> Maybe automatically orphan the packages if they are not rebuilt for the 6th
> of Mars ? (date of "Absolute devel freeze")?

Opinions on that?

> > Suggestions how to solve this whole mess in the short and in the long
> > term welcome.
> Having not-rebuilt packages being automatically orphaned on test3 of each FC
> release seems like a decent long-term solution to me.

And opinions on this one? We would also need to force a rebuild of all
noarch packages to to make this work efficient. And I suspect that a lot
of people don't like that or a "rebuild everything in Extras for each
Core release".

Thorsten Leemhuis <fedora leemhuis info>

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