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[Bug 179940] Review Request: ruby-http-access2

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Summary: Review Request: ruby-http-access2


------- Additional Comments From tibbs math uh edu  2006-02-28 16:25 EST -------
It should be either "GPL/Ruby License" or "GPL or Ruby License" since the
package is dual-licensed.

You can remove any reference to %{ruby_sitearch} as this is a noarch package.  

rpmlint says:

W: ruby-http-access2 invalid-license Ruby License
E: ruby-http-access2 only-non-binary-in-usr-lib
W: ruby-http-access2 no-documentation

We can discount the first warning.

I think we must discount the second warning; rpmlint has checks to prevent this
for /usr/lib/ruby but not for /usr/lib/site_ruby.  I would argue that site_ruby
should be in /usr/lib/ruby (as Perl does things) but the current organization is
the way Red Hat set things up.

The second warning is valid; you seem to have dropped the documentation.  At
minimum you should package README.txt and the sample directory.

The package doesn't build in mock for some reason.  It looks like ruby isn't
installed in the build environment at the time the first two lines of the
specfile are executed.  I need to spend some more time debugging this.  More in
about 90 minutes.

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