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Re: Odd mock build problem

>>>>> "DW" == Dan Williams <dcbw redhat com> writes:

DW> No, the point is that you're attempting to use ruby in the
DW> specfile before you even know ruby is installed!

Not-so-smart folks like me might assume that the fact that we put in
"BuildRequires: ruby" would pretty much ensure that Ruby is there
before the build starts.

Anyway, folks who know really need to come up with a proper way to do
this.  Either that or we just let Ruby packages do whatever they feel
like, which is essentially how it works now.  I'm no Ruby expert; I
just happened to attempt to review a package and stumbled over this
mess.  Python and Perl get away with what they do because they are in
buildgroups, even though Python isn't part of the minimum build
environment (which I admit to not understanding at all).  Ruby wants
to do the same basic thing (add a requirement of a particular Ruby ABI
version) but can't.

So how should it work?

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