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Re: success, was Re: Still source not found :Prep Error (Job 5672):

On Fri, 3 Mar 2006 18:11:35 +0100 (CET), Paul Wouters wrote:

> Can one "re-tag" with a current tag without creating a new (incremented) one?

Yes. "man cvs", and the Makefile in Fedora Extras CVS supports an
environment variable for this. Everyone, who likes to burn his fingers,
can examine the files.

> The problem for me was 'make srpm' and 'make i386' worked, but 'make build'
> did not. Increasing the release number and re-tagging helped.

make srpm and make i386 don't care about the tag.
> Wuth the other package in limbo I did the same, but then had output files from
> make srpm and make i386, which caused 'make tag' to again abort halfway
> through, so I had rm those files locally, and again increaase the build number
> and create a new tag. It suckes, but it worked now.

I don't think this matches reality. Most likely you forgot to commit
modified files before running "make tag".

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