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Re: non fedora-usermgmt user creation

(ahem...  I kinda promised myself I'd stop feeding this thread...  sigh)

bugs michael gmx net said:
> If you don't make it a requirement, it becomes unreliable at installation
> time, since it may or may not be available prior to a package which would use
> it in its scriptlets.

I probably don't understand what you mean here.

If fedora-usermgmt is a complete replacement of useradd, it will of course be 
named useradd and the package doesn't even need to know it exists.  The 
package must only require something called useradd, same as in Core.

The *manager* installing the package needs to know if he wants fedora-usermgmt 
functionality on the system, and in this case install it and configure it 
properly before installing further packages.

But once it's installed, new packages being installed shouldn't be able to 
tell the difference.  Only the manager.

Or what did I miss?


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