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Re: non fedora-usermgmt user creation

On Wed, 22 Mar 2006 14:52:17 +0100, Christian Iseli licr org wrote:

> bugs michael gmx net said:
> > A link in the dependency chain. A way to pull in automatically a package
> > which (assuming we stick to the current mechanism implemented by Enrico)
> > provides the 'setup(fedora-usermgmt)' capability and hence the defaults
> > chosen by the admin. 
> I still fail to see how that helps for Core packages.

Now you create another loop.

We don't try to modify the behaviour of Core functionality (e.g. useradd)
from the outside (read: Fedora Extras). Surely, for any package in Core to
benefit from uid/gid customisation, it must be modified to make use of
something like fedora-usermgmt first (with the fedora-usermgmt feature
being made available in Core). Unless you want to push the entire
implementation directly into shadow-utils, making it completely
transparent and adding a configure option to the installer front-ends. ;)

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