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[Bug 186817] Review Request: kshutdown

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Summary: Review Request: kshutdown


rdieter math unl edu changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
  BugsThisDependsOn|                            |177841

------- Additional Comments From rdieter math unl edu  2006-03-27 07:36 EST -------
Added FE-NEEDSPONSOR tracking bug.

a few things off the top of my head:

1.  drop from %post/%postun:
/sbin/ldconfig %{_libdir}/kde
not required.

2.  missing (at least):
BuildRequires: kdelibs-devel

3.  use the %find_lang macro, instead of manually adding all those %lang()...
entries.  Add
%find_lang %{name}
near the end of your %install section, then use
%files -f %{name}.lang

4. Use a full URL for the Source: tag.  Something like:
Source: http://dl.sourceforge.net/sourceforge/kshutdown/kshutdown-%{version}.tar.bz2
(one line)

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