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[Issue 84403] Bali Simbar Font

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------- Additional comments from nmailhot openoffice org Mon Dec 10 09:40:08 +0000 2007 -------
Dear putude,

If you want built-in support for your script in OpenOffice.org and many other
FLOSS products such as Linux distributions, you need to:

1. get official codepoints for your glyphs at Unicode.org (if you need a contact
Michael Everson has been doing wonderful work for many scripts)

2. release a reference font under a suitable license such as the OFL
http://scripts.sil.org/OFL It's much better to complete an existing already
widely distributed font such as dejavu http://dejavu.sf.net by sending patches
to its authors, that's how the Armenians, Georgians, N'ko, Tiffinagh and
Inuktitut people got their script widely supported. If you want a separate font,
however, please ask the Open Font Library guys how to set up your own project

3. get special processing implemented in text layout libraries if needed. That
mostly means Pango http://www.pango.org/ which will morph into Harfbuzz
http://www.pango.org/ and hopefully serve as base to next-generation ICU & QT
layouters. In the short term ICU support is required for OO.o but be aware
almost no other FLOSS software uses ICU so ICU is not sufficient for
comprehensive support.

4. add an input method to either xkeyboard-config
http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/XKeyboardConfig or SCIM
http://www.scim-im.org/ depending of the complexity of your input needs

If you have more special requirements participating in next year's Text Summit
http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/TextLayout will help.

The release archive you're pointing to, with it's Office macro is totally
insufficient and inapropriate and most everyone will ignore it.

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