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Re: Had a look at Charis SIL

On Fri, 2008-07-25 at 11:07 +0200, Nicolas Spalinger wrote:
> Dave Crossland wrote:
> > 2008/7/24 Vasile Gaburici <vgaburici gmail com>:
> >> Does anyone know if they
> >> have their own production tools?
> > 
> > They do, and they depend somewhat on proprietary software (FontLab)
> > but SIL have been slowly publishing them, I think.
> Yes, the SIL designers and script engineers intend to publish more of 
> the various tools used in the font production workflow (but it takes 
> time and effort!). For example http://scripts.sil.org/FontUtils

BTW can the AL1 licensing problem of Font::TTF be fixed before spot
loses patience with us font people?

> Victor Gaultney may cover this aspect during his talk at the next AtypI 
> conference:
> http://atypi.org/05_Petersburg/20_main_program/view_presentation_html?presentid=465

Nice pointer, thanks!

Nicolas Mailhot

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