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Re: Calendaring system?

On Fri, Feb 6, 2009 at 3:47 PM, Simon Birtwistle <simon zikula org> wrote:
> One Zikula calendar module has a variety of feeds (see http://code.zikula.org/crpcalendar/attachment/wiki/screenshots/list.png) or http://jami.cremonapalloza.org/index.php?module=crpCalendar for a live demo.  It might need some template modifications for display, but you could allow users to submit events and so on by logging in with their FAS ID.  However, I am sure there are better standalone solutions out there, if you're happy to maintain a separate tool.
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>> Subject: Re: Calendaring system?
>> Adam Williamson wrote:
>> > On Thu, 2009-02-05 at 18:51 -0700, Clint Savage wrote:
>> >
>> >> Adam,
>> >>
>> >> Funny thing, I was just mentioning how it would be nice to have a
>> >> calendaring solution that would be able to let people pull feeds and
>> >> put items on the calendar for Fedora with use in FAS.  I think even
>> >> though there's currently no solution quite as good as google
>> calendar
>> >> (or apple's iCal) in free software, there are alternatives.
>> >>
>> >> Bongo Project - http://bongo-project.org/Main_Page  (formerly Hula)
>> >> (GPLv2) Bedework - http://www.bedework.org/bedework/ (BSD License)
>> >> DAViCal - http://rscds.sourceforge.net/ (GPL)
>> >>
>> >> I'm sure there are others, but I think a self-sustaining calendar
>> >> that could integrate with the Fedora Account System (FAS) and make
>> it
>> >> so that people can create events that could get pushed to a central
>> >> calendar which others might subscribe.  Something like this would be
>> >> awesome and I'd be happy to help you get it started.  Maybe one of
>> >> the above programs can meet our needs, or maybe we need to look into
>> >> something else.
>> >
>> > Thanks a lot, Clint. Actually one of our QA community guys, J├│hann
>> > Gu├░mundsson, independently suggested Bedework to me and I had a quick
>> > look at the web page and it looks nice. It runs in Java but I guess
>> > that's no problem if it works on OpenJDK, and it looks like it's nice
>> > and self-contained, actively developed, and seems to really work to
>> > implement the latest standards, so it looks like a good candidate to
>> me.
>> > I haven't looked at the others you suggested yet, but I will.
>> >
>> > I'm happy to help out as much as I can - I'm no expert in this field
>> -
>> > in the initial set up, my only concern is to make sure that this is
>> > something the infrastructure group will maintain over a sustained
>> > period, I'm just hoping that it won't fall by the wayside and stop
>> > working after a few months or wind up with me having to (try and)
>> > maintain it or something. But I'm certainly happy to help out in
>> > getting it up and running and fit for purpose initially.
>> We have kind of a de facto no-Java standard in infrastructure.  This is
>> partially because none of us have had good experiences running apps in
>> java and partially because we have noone with Java programming
>> experience to fix things if we need to.  If you had some people to give
>> to us to work on maintaining the server we might be able to work out
>> something similar to how zikula is being run for the docs deploy.  But
>> that doesn't sound like the case :-(
>> -Toshio


I don't know, part of me wants to look at calendarserver, but I can't
find what the licensing is there.  It looks like maybe it's a ruby
project?   I looked around on the site and there's no clear link to
any good information on its licensing.


As far as zikula, while I think the calendaring of Zikula is great, I
wonder if we really need a fully blown CMS to manage our calendaring?
In this case, it seems to me that we need *just* calendaring and not
much else.  I'd like an easy way for people to interact with the
calendar from their client applications and update the calendar.  I'd
also like it to only do that if they have the rights to modify
calendar events for their particular group(s) in FAS.

Can Zikula do that?  My thought is that Zikula is more of a "do it on
the server" type application and can't handle input from a calendar
client using caldav (or others).

Maybe it can do all of the above and more.  My theory is that we need
to create a wiki page with the feature set we need and get the thing
that matches closest to our needs.  I'd be happy to start that effort
early next week.  If anyone else wants to create it first, I'd be
happy to help their page instead of mine.



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