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proposed changes for the web page

Some minor (and not so minor) comments on the web page and stuff:

1. When trying to checkout the CVS tree for the web page, it
requires a password that is not specified in the instructions.
I'm not sure if this is a temporary thing during the server move.
I would have sent a patch instead of this email :)

2. The "Self introduction" stuff should be linked from the
"Participate" section as well, I personally had a hard time
finding it, and only found it because I knew it existed and
looked for it.

3. A minor improvement I wanted to make was to allow legacy
searches on bugzilla by version, so I wanted to add some links,
that provide the functionality that currently exists at:
http://fedora.us/LEGACY but a little bit more finegrained (allow
version specific searches), the links should be:

All legacy bugs:


All legacy bugs affecting RHL 9:


And so on.

The purpose of that is to easily construct lists by releases, so
that people like me who can only do QA for one release can focus
on those.

4. I think either the wiki should dissappear (and all it's
information should be merged onto the (static) webpage, or the
wiki should be a "mirror" of the webpage, being an alternative to
cvs modifications, and such. The reason is that I think it's
kind of confusing to have some stuff, like the QA "guidelines" 
under the wiki and not under "the real" web page.


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