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Re: yum installation management.

On May 5, 2004, at 2:30 PM, Ajay Sharma wrote:
Brian Hirt wrote:
I spent some time whipping up a little system that is similar to RHN. The administration is from a web page where you can view which components on your servers are out of date and request that the remotely administered systems update certain packages.

I liked logging into a webpage and updating a dozen servers too. Logging into each box is a pain... Maybe you can hook up with the NRH-up2date project:


My preference for command line and instant, admin run commands on multiple machine has led me to find mrsh a useful tool. It's tasty when combined with yum (or up2date-nox).

It's not been updated in years, but it's a simple and elegant shell script, so it doesn't really need to be. I recommend ssh and aliases. My favorite alias:
$73mrsh -- yum install package
will install the package "package" to all machines listed in the "73mrsh" command alias.
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